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    Default Are all trading platforms created equal?

    Hi guys I'm kind of new to all this and I would appreciate other opinions. I'm opening a new trading account and I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions for what platform they think ticks all the boxes. With so many marketing spiels out there it's hard to get an unbiased opinion.

    Generally I have a few questions: Outside of doing my own research, would you consider all market recommendations/ market reports offer the same generic information, or would there be one or two companies that have a relative advantage and how important would you rate this criterion? Secondly are there any products that stand out as offering highly credible live market data ?
    What packages offer the best charting software?
    Finally what other points should I consider when basing my decision ?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to reply to this post, cheers guys.

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    Hi. you can try NetTradeX platform... it has various types of orders, including OCO orders and trailing stop which is server based, activated orders... in fact if you are a beginer, you may definitely like it, because it has a good interface.. Surely you can also try MT4..., but if you are interested in various orders... then try NetTradeX... when making a decision... certainly think abut reliability of the company ... and money insurance.. if you do not have any knowledge.. you'd better choose a broker with education... and good managers that may help you... Good luck...

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