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    Post GAS - Gasnet

    GAS - Gasnet. Good buy imo. Good dividends and strategically well placed.

    Plus - the charts are indicating another run.

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    I have held GAS for a couple of years now. Bought in at $2.06 and the 20c dividend is a great return. It is return of capital, so it means there is no CGT payable until you decide to sell the shares which halves if you hold after 12 months anyway. So i am sitting on a very tidy tax effective profit.

    Future outlook is very good IMO also. There are some proposed legislation changes, on the way the gas pipeline companies can charge for gas distribution. This is being implemented to encourage more investment in this type of infrastructure. This has to be good for GAS and the industry.

    GAS are also on the smaller end of listed pipeline companies on the ASX, which make them a possible takeover target. APA purchased a substantial amount of shares last year and announced that they would buy more should the price of GASnet move substantially in either direction. So there appears to be a good safety net in place as well.

    With the 20c capital return and likely consolidation in the industry and the proposed changes to the way GAS companies can charge for distribution i rate GAS as a great buy for the long term and for the income investor.

    Disclaimer: I currently hold shares in GAS. Only my personal views and opinions expressed. Please conduct your own research.


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    PGS is a very promising little gas company as well. macquarie Bank are bullish on it.

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    Question Re: GAS - Gasnet

    Can someone tell me, in light of the now comulsory aquisition of GAS by APT for 2.99, why someone has just bought 50 shares at 3.00. This has been happening on and off for a few weeks now.

    Has anyone with the insight / knowledge / experience got an explanation for this?

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    Question Re: GAS - Gasnet

    Is this a sleeping giant or a dead horse?

    PGS havent really had much in the way of announcements recently.

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