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    Post TWTR - Twitter, Inc.

    The Twitter IPO is being touted by CNN Money as "The year's most highly anticipated IPO" but I have my doubts about the kind of revenue it can generate. It's certainly no Google, or Facebook, and the opportunities to montetise their service seem a little more limited.

    However, I haven't read their prospectus so I really have no idea what they have planned, but it had better to be good to justify a $14.2 billion market capitalisation.

    Twitter lists tonight at $26 a share. Any thoughts?


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    Default Re: TWTR - Twitter IPO

    This is interesting especially given the FB comeback. There are still concerns that FB is going out of flavor with teens and this is not a good sign for growth. Twitter is starting with a lower membership and its a different business model for sure.

    To me its just a matter of interest more than anything. I'm curious how well it does compared to FB more as a feel for sentiment.

    FB caused allot of angst amongst the mom and dad crowds, according to the muppets. So i wonder how many of them will have the gonads to try it again.

    I'll likely watch it open just for interest sake though. The symbol is TWTR....
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    Default Re: TWTR - Twitter IPO

    From Bloomberg....

    By David Wilson
    Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter Inc.’s increase in the
    projected price for its initial public offering is in keeping
    with this year’s performance of newly public companies in the
    U.S. stock market.
    As the CHART OF THE DAY shows, the Bloomberg IPO Index has
    risen 41 percent this year and is beating the Standard & Poor’s
    500 Index by 18 percentage points. Both these figures would be
    the highest for a full year since 2009, when the current bull
    market in stocks began.
    Twitter has “the wind at its back, definitely,” Justin
    Walters, co-founder and managing partner at Bespoke Investment
    Group LLC, said yesterday in an interview. “IPOs are healthy
    right now, and that’s what you want to see.” The Harrison, New
    York-based research and investment firm put out a blog posting
    yesterday with a similar chart.
    The IPO indicator, consisting of companies that have gone
    public within the past 12 months at a market value of more than
    $50 million, set records six times in the last three weeks. The
    most recent mark occurred two days ago. Yesterday, the index
    dropped 0.1 percent to 2,915.60.
    Twitter’s first public stock sale is scheduled for pricing
    today. The social-media company wants to sell shares for $23 to
    $25 each, more than an earlier estimate of $17 to $20.
    The sale would raise $1.75 billion at the $25 price, and
    may turn out to be more lucrative for the San Francisco-based
    company. The final price may exceed the increased range, two
    people with knowledge of the matter said.
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    "Dump everything aggressively. Take the price to a place where it trades" - Michael Platt - Hedge Fund Market Wizards

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    Default Re: TWTR - Twitter IPO

    It's much easier to see how FB could become redundant or out of fashion than it is twitter.
    Twitter is so micro, it's basically an 'open to the public texting system.'
    It's simplicity and practicality is it's strength.
    Facebook, on the other hand, is much more about presenting your 'self art' to the world.
    They have to keep developing, taking over and morphing into what ever looks like being the next big thing.

    I thought the debut would be strong on this basis.
    But couldn't get any.
    Will be looking to buy it when dot.com boom 0.2 Busts.
    Forgive me I'm dyslexic.

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    Default twitter shares

    twitter ipo'd at $26 then soar to $45. how many people were allowed to buy the $26 share? only guys on wallstreet or every investor? sorry for newb question.

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    Default Re: TWTR - Twitter IPO

    Didn't quite get the twitter and FB analysis right but hey there's still time and opportunity.
    News Corp should buy this now!!!!!!!!

    Any way, here's a really tricky question. What should you do next time twitter gets shot out of the sky on it's earnings report? (the little e's at the bottom show the timing of the earnings reports)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If it happens again I'd stick with it, but who gets to shoot the same bird out of the sky 4 x

    Also note the upside down head and shoulders at the bottom of the down trend broken and retraced. (it's one of those moments)
    Forgive me I'm dyslexic.

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    Default Re: TWTR - Twitter, Inc.

    It's a bird, it's a plane it's TWTR at 12 o'clock

    Short for a typical report 24.87 looking to come off at open.
    Forgive me I'm dyslexic.

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