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    I came across this little gem today. Very small market cap of $946,000,000 and very low average daily traded of $2,500. Papua New Guinea trading company - distribution and transport, consumer goods, IT.

    What I find fascinating is the price history. Notice the GFC? It was a one week event for this stock.

    The announced a profit warning recently though saying that trading was soft partially due to a the end of a LNG construction project.

    Will look into this co further. It seems to be closely associated with John Swires & Co.

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    Forgot the chart:


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    From the 2012 Annual Report:

    Steamships currently has 98 per cent of
    its shares held by three major shareholders, one of which
    holds 72 per cent of the shares.

    As mentioned earlier, some 98% of Steamships shares are
    held by three major shareholders, two of which are
    represented on the Board

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