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    Hey I have a general understanding on inflation but some times it drives me in circles. I get the whole thing how increasing money supply reduces interst rates and technictally increases inflation. Im assuming inflation can target certain products more dramatically than others. Isnt that a good thing for investors or traders for example who have properties. Im also confused on currencies such as bitcoins. ive only just heard about them but i heard that its being affected by 2 digit figured inflation. is this only becausw of supplyand demand and in this case would inflation be a good thing for investors of bitcoins. sorry about the structuring of this question. im just very confused haha cheers

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    Just to clarify in my examples i mean

    A) if inflation can target different products say for example in an era of high money supply say properties demand increases dramatically and property prices rise this would be due to inflation right? this would also be good for property owners?

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    May I give you my opinion on bitcoins.

    It is unregulated.

    It is a Ponzi.

    It is used by criminals to launder money.

    If you must trade them but have a stop in place.


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    Haha garpal i had no intentions of trading it well not with my zero dollar bank balance account. i just happened to read over it and when i skimmed through the inflation part and didnt fully understand it i had to find out why before i can comfortably go to bed haha

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    Not all are drug dealers laundering money.


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