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    Default Al Gore Billionaire Fraud Makes Bucks out of Bushfires

    This turnout really pisses me off.

    He is an unmensch, an intellectual dwarf.

    He comes from Patrician Mayflower stock and is anti Western and progress, for his own ends, not out of belief.

    An unmensch.

    "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member." Quote Groucho Marx
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    Default Re: Al Gore Billionaire Fraud Makes Bucks out of Bushfires

    News today that the Australian Defense Force (ADF) started at least one of the fires.


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    Default Re: Al Gore Billionaire Fraud Makes Bucks out of Bushfires

    Apparently he's making a new documentary and was in Bundaberg recently covering the effect of last summers record flood.

    It will be interesting to see how he portrays it.

    Most locals that have a reasonable knowledge are aware that the Paradise dam held and then suddenly released a huge flow of water on top of the peak flow just like the Brisbane flood from Wivenhoe.

    It was quite apparent because it rose that extra meter or two sharply and fell just as noticeably back to the normal flood flow.

    The conformation the military was responsible for the biggest NSW fire out of extraordinary carelessness tends to significantly dwarf the magnitude and credibility of the so called climate worsening of fires.

    Just as human development and interference of river flows has worsened some floods, urban sprawl with poor household security amongst tall trees with sprinkler systems that are of dubious value even if you are there in time to start them up, is the main cause.

    There is actually a pretty technical report out from NASA, the space division... as opposed to the climate division that is reportedly largely behing the climate change movement... which essentially says increased atmospheric CO2 has actually shielded us from, as in reflected away, extra heat from recent increased solar activity... probably explaining the recent flattening trend of so called global warming.

    Another report I saw somewhere suggests it takes a decade or two, depending on certain factors, for CO2 to do a complete cycle back into the natural environment. It doesn't just continue to accumulate like the alarmists are claiming.

    I'm more inclined to believe the NASA space division because they have to get it right. Their space programs depend on it.
    Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

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