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    Industrial REIT to raise $179m
    Brett Cole24 Sep, 12:44 AM

    The underwriting of Allan Fife’s $179 million initial public offering of the Australian Industrial REIT has been brought forward after robust demand by a number of domestic institutional investors made pricing on Wednesday all but certain.

    The IPO of eight warehouses, seven in Sydney and one in Melbourne, is priced at a 3.5 per cent premium to net asset value. It is scheduled to yield 8.25 per cent.


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    I thought ANI would have stagged more than it did.

    Can't beat Industrial property over any other.

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    I own some units in this listed property trust. 360 Capital Group have been trying to take over this trust. First they attempted an unsolicited off-market mainly script takeover. Now they have called a meeting of unitholders to attempt to take over as responsible entity.

    This sort of thing drives me nuts. The amount of money that gets wasted is annoying. The amount of paperwork, the phone calls all over a fight by a fund manager that wants to get their hands on the income stream generated from the investment of my capital. Its so annoying to see money being pissed up against the wall.

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    On December 2nd, 2015, Australian Industrial REIT (ANI) was removed from the ASX's official list in accordance with Listing Rule 17.14, following completion of the compulsory acquisition by 360 Capital Industrial Fund of all the units in the Trust it did not already own.

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