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    Default STA - Strandline Resources

    From a technical point of view this looks promising, and gives a low risk entry.
    Reason - Possible Bullish Gartley completed (red) - giving inital target in the red box.


    GTA - arco

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    Default Re: GUN - Gunson

    I wish I understood those charts - can you give a quick explanation??

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    Default Re: GUN - Gunson

    Hi Surelle

    The chart I posted shows a bullish Gartley (outlined in red). The Gartley pattern was first mentioned by H.M. Gartley in his book Profits in the Stock Market, published in 1935. For more info on the pattern check out this site.....


    regards - arco

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    thanks, will do

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    Gunson to finally get OK at Coburn
    Kevin Andrusiak
    March 26, 2007

    GUNSON Resources is believed to be on the verge of receiving a long-awaited mining green light from regulators for its Coburn mineral sands project in Western Australia's Gascoyne region.
    The go-ahead for mining at the $100 million project could come within days for the Perth-based explorer after a four-year wait as authorities tinkered with Gunson's environmental obligations.
    On January 2, Gunson received a slew of environmental approvals for the project, which is believed to be the third biggest undeveloped zircon deposit in the world.

    The company also had local government approval to develop the mine, which would set a new benchmark for environmental performance should Gunson move to the production phase.

    Gunson had to buy land surrounding the project to offset its mining practices and to safeguard the impact on the World Heritage-listed Shark Bay Marine Park.

    The approvals are subject to an annual review where failure to meet environmental obligations could mean an instant termination of licences.

    Gunson has already proved up the Amy Zone at Coburn which hosts heavy mineral sands over a 35km length with an average width of 3km at depths of between 10m and 50m. That could give Gunson a 20-year mine life on average zircon production of 60,000 tonnes a year.

    The company expects to start mining at the rate of 30,000 tonnes of zircon a year, along with 60,000 tonnes of ilmenite as well as leucoxene and rutile, with the production rate to double in the third year of operation.

    A report by Holst Research said the high zircon content of Gunson's Amy Zone at Coburn differentiated the project from many others and was its key attraction.

    While new zircon supplies were coming on the market, global demand from the ceramic and zirconium chemicals market remained strong.

    Holst said China - which imports around 90 per cent of its zircon needs and now accounts for a quarter of global usage - continued to be the major growth area.


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    Ann. out...


    * All pre-construction approvals granted for Coburn
    * Coburn is the 3rd largest Zinc development project in the world
    * DFS to be completed by late April
    * GUN discussing minority equity funding with potential chinese off-take partners

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    Default Re: GUN - Gunson

    Quote Originally Posted by spottygoose View Post
    Ann. out...


    * All pre-construction approvals granted for Coburn
    * Coburn is the 3rd largest Zinc development project in the world
    * DFS to be completed by late April
    * GUN discussing minority equity funding with potential chinese off-take partners
    Well dont know what happened to the Zinc. They're all copper & Zircon now from the look of the Quarterly report Tried to download the annual but it came up with an error so correct me/ fill me in.
    I wonder how much the board is paying itself to do nothing
    Feel sorry for long term holders but am almost interested in a short term play, any opinions?

    (no not yet a holder, if ever )
    ASF seems to be getting quieter, ASF needs contributors not just browsers. Please support our favourite forum.

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    With Iluka shares booming and zircon prices set to double is it time to dip a toe in the water with Gunson (or is it already too late recognising that their shares have doubled from 12c in November last year to the current 24c).

    Anyone still following them or in them ?

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    December 01, 2011

    Gunson Edges Ever Closer To A Development Deal For The Coburn Zircon Project In Western Australia
    By Our Man in Oz
    www.minesite.com/aus.html >> Free registration

    Gunson Resources has been ready to press the go button on its Coburn zircon project in Western Australia for more than a year. It hasn’t, because the right deal with the right partner hasn’t yet been signed. Now, though, the company reckons it’s pretty close. Ideally, the potential partner will share Coburn’s estimated US$180 million capital cost, and provide the long-term contracts that will be essential to provide strength-in-depth to the proposed minimum mine life of 24 years.

    David Harley
    The “wisdom” of not developing Coburn earlier can be tested by comparing last year’s zircon and titanium minerals prices with those on offer today. The average price for zircon, which is in heavy demand in China for use in ceramics, was US$906 a tonne last year, according to a recent market analysis by the investment bank, Goldman Sachs. This year the price is forecast to average US$1,903 per tonne. It’s the same story with rutile, up from US$560 per tonne to US$1,045 per tonne, and ilmenite, which is up from US$107 per tonne to US$181 per tonne.

    Next year, and perhaps beyond, prices should continue to rise. That makes for a pretty healthy outlook for one of the few fully-approved and government-permitted undeveloped zircon projects in the world. And it’s hardly surprising that that’s a point which Gunson chief executive, David Harley, enjoys making. “We really have moved to a point where zircon customers, and minerals traders, are beating a path to our door”, David said during a chat in his Perth office. “Demand is strong, and prices look like staying high for some time, thanks to a major supply shortage. It’s a perfect time to be bringing a new project into production.”

    But before Gunson can make the final steps towards starting construction it must finalise its negotiations with a partner. “We’re getting close,” David said. “I know you’ve heard that before, but we’re now in serious talks with a potential partner which could see them buy a 40 per cent stake in Coburn, and provide long-term access to markets.” David declined to name the likely partner, only saying that it was an Asian company. But given that David has been burned once by a potential Chinese partner, that turned out to be only chasing a high-priced construction contract, it’s a fair bet that China is off the Gunson dance card.

    Whoever joins Gunson in Coburn will be getting a slice of a project which is displaying greatly improved investment fundamentals as compared to a few years ago when zircon and titanium prices were low. At a major mineral sands conference in Hong Kong two weeks ago, Coburn was singled out by Goldman Sachs on account of its completed definitive feasibility study. The investment bank noted that Gunson is evaluating finance options, including the introduction of a joint venture partner.

    And although the Goldman analysts did not express an investment view on Gunson, other analysts are enthusiastic. Edison Investment Research, which has a working relationship with Gunson, values the company at A52 cents a share, more than triple its recent price of A14 cents.

    The research work of Goldman Sachs into the zircon and titanium markets adds to the belief that Coburn is close to waking up, after time in the pending file. “We remain very positive in our outlook for this suite of commodities despite the prospect of a few months of softer demand from China”, Goldman said. “We believe that the positive structural story is very much intact and, in the short term the potential for merger and acquisition activity should be supportive for some of the smaller names in the sector.”

    Zircon, which will account for an estimated 67 per cent of the revenue from Coburn, is forecast by Goldman to hit US$2,500 per tonne in 2012 and then to rise up to US$2,700 per tonne in 2014, before easing to US$2,250 in 2015. Ilmenite, about 18 per cent of Coburn’s revenue, is forecast to reach US$275 per tonne next year before easing to around US$180 per tonne.

    Along with those price forecasts come two key observations from Goldman: “shortages are driving M&A potential”, says the bank, and it then adds that there has been “limited demand destruction”. In other words, low prices over the past decade did their work in killing off exploration and new project developments, before bumping into a situation of continued strong demand as the Chinese buy ceramics for their new bathrooms.

    When, not if, Gunson presses the go button on Coburn, the project will spin off handsome returns. For that initial A$180 million capital outlay Gunson (and its partner) will get a mine producing 40,000 tonnes of zircon a year, 90,000 tonnes of ilmenite, 9,000 tonnes of rutile and 7,000 tonnes of leucoxene. Using August mineral prices as a guide, that implies annual revenue of A$111.2 million which, after costs of A$67.2 million, leaves a net operating margin of A$44 million – which boils down to an internal rate of return (IRR) of 33 per cent, more than double the 15.6 per cent IRR which the company produced in a January, 2010, analysis. Not a bad proposition, all told, and it’ll be interesting to see who ends up buying in.


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    Default Re: GUN - Gunson

    Market Cap $24M
    Share Price 11c
    Issued Shares 220M
    Options 5M ( 27c- 40c)
    Cash $3.1M

    Retail 87%
    Domestic Institutions 11%
    Directors and Staff 2%

    Coburn Zircon Project
    •Joint Venture Structure.
    •Gunson is the Manager, with a majority interest.
    •POSCO to contribute its equity share of funding PLUS earn-in payment reflecting a Project value well above Gunson’s current market cap.
    •Offtake split according to equity.
    •Due diligence completed.
    •JV agreement in final stages of drafting & POSCO Board review scheduled for August 2012.
    •First of 2 Investment Committee meetings held, the second later this week.

    •Fully permitted for development, first phase clearing of mine access road completed.
    •Strong commodity markets, supply constrained. Offtake agreement for ilmenite concluded with DuPont, with Zircon & HiTi agreements getting close.
    •Simple, low cost mining & processing.
    •High value mineral assemblage.
    •Long mine life & robust economics at base case price forecasts.
    •Financing: JV with POSCO as minority partner. Gunson to manage & POSCO to make earn-in payment based on a project value well above Gunson’s market capitalisation. POSCO Board decision in August 2012.
    •Two FEED studies in progress by Sedgman & DBP – new capex figures from Sedgman Engineering FEED /Value Engineering by end August.


    The Company is pleased to advise that deep diamond drilling at the Elaine Zone Pinchout Prospect, described in its release of 20 June 2012, commenced on 4 July 2012.
    Hole MGD 70, angled at 600 north east, is currently at 230 metres depth and is expected to enter the basement target zone at about 750 metres, or 650 metres vertical depth. The exploration target is iron oxide associated copper-gold mineralisation close to the intersection of two major basement fault zones, with coincident gravity and magneto-telluric (MT) geophysical anomalies.

    Drilling is being funded by the Company’s joint venture partner, Noranda Pacific Pty Limited (Noranda), part of the Xstrata Copper business unit. Noranda has the right to increase its equity in the Mount Gunson Project to 75% from its current 51% interest, by spending a cumulative $10 million on exploration by mid June 2013. At
    the end of March 2012, Noranda had spent $5.97 million.
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    Default Re: GUN - Gunson


    1. POSCO Investment Decision Process and Gunson Debt Financing – Continuing
    The proposed investment by POSCO outlined in Gunson’s releases of 23 November 2011 and 18 April 2012 respectively, continues to progress through POSCO’s internal investment approvals process, with its final Board consideration on schedule for mid- August 2012. Gunson continues to work with POSCO to refine and finalise documentation and other arrangements for the proposed Project joint venture.
    In parallel, Gunson continues to advance the process for securing a component of debt finance for its joint venture share of Project development costs.

    2. Government Approvals – Received

    On 11 July 2012, the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority (OEPA) advised its approval of the Groundwater Monitoring Management Plan, required prior to the commencement of mining (as opposed to construction).
    Earlier in the same week, OEPA confirmed its agreement that construction on the Project had substantially commenced, in accordance with the development approval granted by the Western Australian Environment Minister in May 2006.

    3. Engineering and Gas Transmission FEED Studies – Progressing

    Gunson’s engineering contractor, Sedgman Metals Engineering, is continuing its Front End Engineering Design (FEED)/Value Engineering study on the Project, aimed at providing a more definitive capital cost figure and construction schedule.
    This study is on track for completion in mid-September 2012 and will encompass results from the evaluation and analysis of identified areas for potential cost savings.
    A reduction in the previously advised 85 week construction period is also likely.
    The gas transmission FEED study by DBP Services Co Pty Limited, aimed at providing a draft Gas Transmission Agreement to install, on a build, own, operate (transfer) basis the proposed 110km long lateral pipeline to the Project from the main Dampier to Bunbury natural gas pipeline, is on schedule for completion by the end of August 2012.

    4. Mineral Sands Market – Zircon Prices Holding

    In its 20 July 2012 Mineral Sands Report, leading industry market consultant TZMI observed that recent announcements by major producers indicate weaker sales volumes for pigment, titanium dioxide mineral feedstocks and zircon than what was forecast earlier in 2012.
    However, zircon prices have remained above US$2,000 per tonne f.o.b., indicating considerable supply discipline by the three major producers, who have a combined market share of over 70%. The main cause of the lower sales volumes is weak demand from the world’s largest consumer sector – the Chinese ceramic industry.
    Demand for tiles and sanitary ware has decreased as the government’s credit tightening policy has particularly affected new residential building activity. As occurred in the early stages of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, demand for zircon fell rapidly but recovered dramatically after the introduction of government stimulus measures.
    Once the current restrictive Chinese government credit settings are eased, long-term zircon demand growth is expected to resume, with the ongoing urbanisation and growth of the middle class driving demand for higher quality ceramics, paints and other products requiring additional zircon and titanium dioxide mineral feedstocks. Coupled with supply side limitations, industry commentators such as Iluka, TZMI and Goldman Sachs note that tight mineral sands feedstock markets could return in 2013.
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    Default Re: STA - Strandline Resources

    On December 8th, 2014, Gunson Resources Limited (GUN) changed its name and ASX code to Strandline Resources Limited (STA).

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