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    Post ZFX - Zinifex

    This stock will be of intrest ...lead,silver zinc,copper,gold...and 5 smelters one in QLD ,Sydney,Tasmania ,USA,Holland...and all running positive..check it out as share price only $2.36...PE6....

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    ZFX..UP 3c..going through resistance of $2.39...if she holds above stock will rise further..PE6....should be PE15..so lots of upside...this company has NO DEBTS...bought at bargain basement price of $860 million...cost to build and set up $4billion...anyone who held PasMINCO SHARES will get their money back with this stock...tightly held by INSTITUTIONS and BANKS..could also become a takeover target because of being so undervalued...this will be a winner for 2005...talk to your broker..make your research

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    Why no debts? They owe the banks millions . They are run by the banks. If commodities fall this one is sunk. Their operations are dirty

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    not what the directors are saying so come up with your information read their last results...they are not dirty..post your evidence...

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    Also...what business runs without a BANK..if they put their money in in substancially amount why should they have no right in overseeing the workings of this group after all PASMINCO..was a disaster because the BANKS had no say..if they have a say they have accountants who know what to do..so where is your argument..I ra ther see the BANKS involved then some private person who does only work for their own pocket..as far as dirty..get of the grass that is only your opinion..Business gets a bit tough..look what happened to lok...now TELSTRA made a good buy and values its stak at $10 billion..I feel you LOST money in PASMINCO and you now are brassed off..LOLOLOLOLOL

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    Also...you said if comodity prices fall we are gone.,..so will Australia...its run on Commodities..and all the other companies..next you will tell me oilprices will go down get of the grass...China needs us..especially their zinc for Stainless steel manufacturing...so business is business...they have a good team at the helm and are making money read the share magaczne..october issue...you might even learn something for a change...

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    sorry, zinc is not used for Stainless manufacturing my mistake but all the same its nearly up 5c..so who is buying the market tells me its a good stock...

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    Why do I get the feeling that Chicken and Smuggler are the same person?

    Come to think of it, how do I know that heaps of people here aren't the same person and just like arguing with themselves?


    Anyway - Zinifex is a dud, I wouldn't touch it with your money, try Sons of Gwalia instead!

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    Smile Re: ZINIFEX..ZFX

    Quote Originally Posted by Fleeta
    Why do I get the feeling that Chicken and Smuggler are the same person?

    Come to think of it, how do I know that heaps of people here aren't the same person and just like arguing with themselves?


    Anyway - Zinifex is a dud, I wouldn't touch it with your money, try Sons of Gwalia instead!
    I don't agree with you Fleeta because ZFX is a BIG dud . Oh maybe I am you!

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    you must have lost a lot of money with PASMINCO..if they are a dud well then I am father CHRISTMAS...LOLOLOLO Get your facts right first..read comments on ozestock maybe you will learn something..they are making real money with real people in the real world I suppose you even would say WMC is a dud..do your research before you post this sort of nonsense

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    Zinifex is one of the worlds largest integrated zinc and lead producer. With smelters in Australa,USA and Holland.Zinifex is able to remain competitve in global markets.The companys Century zinc Mine is one of the largest and cmmercially viable in the world and has a life of about 12 years. Although the business, the assets,the fundamentals and its outstanding fiscal 2004 results suggests that Zinifex is an attractive investment,it continues to trade at an discount priceeven outstripping its prospectus forecasts by nearly 300% failed to stir the market.Perhaps a PASMINCO hangover has left investors in a cautious frame of mind,but ZINIFEX is a different investment to the old PASMINCO and it should be considered on its own merit. Based on BELL POTTERS 2005 forecast, Zinifex PE is 6, relative to a share price of then $2.20.....now $2.41...Zinifex is leveraged to ZINC and LEAD prices along with currency movements, but its core commodities have held up well and the Australian $ is moving in the right direction.Although much is said about softening in base metal prices Zinifexs managment recently pointed out that when the currency and commodity dynamics are drawn together the outlook appears strong....the Australian $ ZINC price has been as high as US$1800 per tonne compared to the current price of about US$1200 per tonne

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    GREAT volume..with a good rise...something is up this stock will rise further...hardly any shortsells...only 300k...will go to $4..youll see..do your research predicted that stock will rise 10c....today......to $2.51...Hi Ho UP WE GO......LOLOLOLOLOL

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    Just was reading the news on Reuters...there will be a shortage of ZINC in 2005 to the tune of 150k tonnes so price will not come down and the year after it might be as high as 250k tonnes makes intresting reading does it not...China is just flying along and needs ZINC..even bigger than USA..thats what it says

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    Not getting much interest here Chicken!!

    Gets my vote.$4.00 is a bit ambitious but hey!!Anything is possible.

    Fleeta why is it a dud?
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    Tech..thanks for the chart its looking fantastic...should make another high today..5c..to 10c rise...PE6 is still very low...should be about PE12 to PE15..so good upside here..very few shorts only 300k..they might lose on that deal....the directors were saying on record that the share price is low to the assets they have...HI HO UP zinifex will go

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    something up heavy volume and now asking $2.60...even I did not see that today...its going off the charts

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    Very nice day trade chart.
    Looks as though the move may continue,if the close is in the top quartile of the days trading.Pullback late is normal.See howmany think tommorows open will be bullish by the close.

    This is a 5 min chart great breakout opportunities all day.
    Been a couple of nice ones this week AZR!

    Interested in how everyone intends to exit?
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    Tech/a...what is the situation re some one taking a short position in this stock...see asx shortsell there is the list of short sells..and I noticed the no rising if this stock rises further has the person who took the short position to pay any money or does the person have to buy on market to deliver the shares sold by the person who shorted the stock...your comments would be apreciated...

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    Read a Huntleys report that said...

    'As an unhedged, integrated lead-zinc producer, ZFX's volatile fortunes are tied to the A$ zinc and lead prices.'

    'We are wary of the inherent risks involved with the business model and the potential for legacy liabilities.'

    'The prospective FY05 PE of less than 10 is not a sufficiently attractive discount for this capital hungry company'

    Personally I think that lead and zinc have had their run.

    But hey, it's going well now isn't it...

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    There is a list of Stocks as you know that can be generally shorted on the ASX site.

    However those that arnet can still be shorted buy using Tricom (Possibly) or CFD's.

    What your doing is selling a stock you DONT OWN in the hope of buying it again at a lower price and returning it to its owner.
    You keep the profit.
    The broker would generally hold a margin for the trade as a security.
    If it pays dividends then you must pay them if they are issued during the short.
    If it is delisted you are liable for the cost of the stock at the time of delisting so if its a $ and you are borrowing 10000 shares you owe 10K.


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