Hello everyone,

I am completely new to the whole world of stocks and shares. I have always been interested in investing but haven't really known where to start or bothered until now. Since dis-locating my knee last week I've found myself quite bored and have started trying to educate myself on the markets.

I have been watching Youtube videos and going through the courses here -


I'm hoping someone can help me with where to start. What kind of shares/stocks should I be researching as a beginner and what sort of expectations should I have on a return. As a beginner I expect 100% but I'm hoping with enough education I can reduce the chances of this happening.

I have 50k+ in savings in an non termed high interest account. I'm not happy with the return I'm getting on it and not a fan of locking it away for long periods for a modest increase on what I'm already getting. I'm 28 and only have a car loan which I will probably pay of shortly. How much of my savings should I be willing to play with?

Are there any good online stock brokers for "beginners"