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    Default Barnaby Joyce for PM

    Now, I'm not advocating tossing Tony just yet... but as Warren Truss, the current leader of the Nationals is getting a bit long in the tooth, it's time to prepare for some fresh blood to take the reins of the Nationals and plan for a coup on PM'

    Barnaby is the straight talking, principled bloke that is not afraid to argue and even plant his ass on the other side of the senate on the merits of a law... much to the disdain of his leader and then PM John Howard.

    We have to raise our standard of government from a dictatorial party regime seemingly motivated more by self-interests, lobbyists and back room deals where you are always expected to toe the party line if you want to get along.

    Barnaby has got what it takes to stand head and shoulders above his peers in the integrity stakes as indicated by growing public appeal

    Given the Nationals are the junior partners of the LNP and the Libs frown on the Nationals contesting against their standing members, how are we going to get Barnaby to PM sooner than later?
    Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

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    Default Re: Barnaby Joyce for next PM

    Well, Barnaby is one of the Jesuit cabal!

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    Default Re: Barnaby Joyce for next PM

    You have to be joking. Barnaby is about as economically viable as Palmer.

    Between tax cuts for all and 100 dams in the north, wont take long before we've got a lower credit rating than India.
    A budget tells us what we canít afford, but it doesnít keep us from buying it.

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    Default Re: Barnaby Joyce for PM

    It hasn't taken long for Barnaby to change his rhetoric on foreign investment.

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