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    Hey, Since there are no new posts discussing various platforms and their benefits ( price, technology etc)
    I thought I would start one.

    My question is what broker is best suited for international markets ( America ) price related.

    I have researched and have come to the conclusion Interactive brokers is the way to go.

    I expect to do 20 trades a week.

    I am currently with comsec and they range above average price.

    I have opened an account with Nabtrade, westpac and bell direct. All these are excellent for domestic use. Especially Nabtrade as they offer cheaper rates and limited deals for those with not much money.

    So I am basically looking for low brokerage fees for international markets. Do you guys have any good ideas, opinions and if you can share your experience. Thanks

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    interactive brokers. check em out. I myself dont have an account with them but plenty of people here do and ive heard good things about them

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