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    Default Volume mismatch

    hi guys,

    i just realised that volume on IB and comsec is not the same...

    which one is correct?

    for example, there are 3 trading days on IAG...5/9, 3/9 and 30/8....

    i thought IB is not recognised the amount of opening/closing auction or one of each..
    i try to omit that amount..but still, volume not the same...=[

    anyone can help me?

    thanks heaps =]


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    Default Re: volume mismatch

    here's mine
    Attached Images

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    Default Re: volume mismatch

    Thanks G Bank,

    what is your provider? exact same with comsec...

    anyone else using IB, perhaps?


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    Default Re: volume mismatch

    Quote Originally Posted by Gringotts Bank View Post
    here's mine
    Both JustData and Paritech are the same.
    2013 - celebrating 30 years trading and just about getting the hang of it.

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    Default Re: volume mismatch

    Quote Originally Posted by Country Lad View Post
    Both JustData and Paritech are the same.
    same with GB's and my comsec?

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