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    Default ASF Votes - 2013

    Pre-poll voting is well underway. There were hordes of voters at my local pre-poll booth in Wodonga today - far more than last election. I wonder how many of you have been keen to vote now and get it over and done with? We always see polls in the media about how the Australian People might distribute their vote. Perhaps it would be interesting to see how ASF'ers have voted/will vote between now and election day, 7th Sep 2013.

    I wonder which way I voted today? Hmmm...

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    I'll be voting on election day and distributing my preferences rather than letting anyone else do it for me.

    Voting for whom?

    Liberal - In principle I'm more to that side of politics. But their NBN nonsense, lack of policy disclosure with sufficient time to properly assess and past likings for general conservatism rules them out so far as I'm concerned.

    Greens - First it was dams, then forests, then manufacturing. Now it's mining and next it will probably be tourism. They find a problem with everything that might just employ someone and seem to have an endless agenda - so no to the Greens.

    Palmer - Quite possibly although I'm not sure his maths adds up. Need to look into it more carefully. His ideas about value adding to exports etc make a lot of sense.

    Family First - Suffice to say I'm not homophobic. No. Just NO to this mob. I'm more likely to land on Mars than to vote for these conservatives.

    Which leaves Labor. Not exactly the best government we've ever had, far from it, but the alternatives also seem to have many problems.

    What I'd really like is a party that puts Australia, not multinational corporations and bankers, first. We don't really seem to have one of those although, somewhat strangely, Palmer seems to be closest. He's a tad too conservative for my liking however.

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    PUP (Palmer United Party) will surprise everyone I reckon.

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    I don't like the idea of any party with the founder's name in it... smacks of an ego trip and possibly an autocratic internal structure.

    Can you imagine if it was the Menzies Liberal Party? Would never have got off the ground IMO

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    I don't think to would be possible to cost Palmers policy's, they would be that far off.

    Still I like the principals of his ideas. Encouraging a business friendly country which will lift everyone's standard of living.

    He will get my second preference.

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    *bump*..only 4 days to go till the "official" results. I wonder how many years before we get the right to NetVote?

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Aussiejeff View Post
    *bump*..only 4 days to go till the "official" results. I wonder how many years before we get the right to NetVote?
    Not while the Libs can prevent it. NetVoting wasn't available in the 1950's, why should it be allowed now?
    OK, maybe if Malcolm Turnbull gets more influence - he might pull the party into the 1980's
    Artificial Intelligence is no match for Innate Stupidity.

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    Go Tony.

    Four more sleeps.

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    Good luck Tony, if i could vote I'd vote for you too....next election....
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    Thumbs up Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    Yesterday I was stunned at how many more voters were massing at the pre-polling day booth at a local Salvos Centre compared to the previous couple of days. The word must be spreading..get it over and done with..must be the biggest ever turnout for pre-poll voters ever. Party faithfuls handing out leaflets might be surprised at the low turnout they will get come the "official" polling day.

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    Well, yes the voting sample IS tiny, but....if ASF'ers are trend setters....

    R.I.P. Labor & Greens...

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    Yes, I have noticed alot more voters have gone early to the polls.
    This has been going on since January, with talk of the election looming.

    As soon as Rudd named the date, you could sense the relief in the public, that this nightmare was finally coming to an end.

    Now Rudd knows what it feels like when the sharks are surrounding him, As confident as he made out when he first came back, I think he knew the public were going to give Labor a lashing come the election no matter how many backflips he tries.

    He has lost all credibility with the Australian people, we may be one to give people a fair go but we are also not stupid to repeat the same mistakes twice.

    Bring it home Tony

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Gringotts Bank View Post
    PUP (Palmer United Party) will surprise everyone I reckon.
    They're doing preference deals with the Greens.

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    Default Re: ASF Votes - 2013

    Being out of state come Saturday, I've already voted.

    Labor with its No Carbon Tax lie and then bringing back Rudd were the deciders for me to vote against them, no brainer really. Pref votes? No bloody fear, this hung parliament is one too many...

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