Cobra Venture Corporation (symbol CBV on TSX Venture Exchange) is engaged in the exploration and development of petroleum and natural gas in western Canada. The company has assembled varying interests in core areas that hold significant potential. Also, in March 2012 the company carried out a significant real estate purchase in Alberta after divesting of its core oil producing project in Saskatchewan.

Key Figures From last Financial Statement (May 2013):

* Total Shares Outstanding: 15.9 million
* Net Working capital (Current Assets minus Current Liabilities) of $1.31 million or $0.08 per share and no long term debt
* Cash and property interests of $5.8 million ($0.36/share)
* Total Equity (Total Assets minus Total Liabilities) of $5.62 million ($0.35/share)

Additional Key Info:

* As at August 19, 2013, last trade was at $0.20 (representing Market Capitalization of $3.2 million)
* On July 12, 2013, Cobra Venture Corporation announced that it had entered into a Participation Agreement to drill and complete up to 4 initial test wells in southwest Saskatchewan.
* Cobra Venture Corporation received $5.25 million for Saskatchewan Oil and Gas interests ($0.30/share) in February 2012, and the corporation purchased 16 acres of real estate in Alberta for $3.975 million in March 2012.

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