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    Hey all,

    Just wondering if someone could advise me where to get the cheapest live dynamic data for ASX stocks

    Its 41.25 p/m with cmc stockbroking, which doesn't seem too bad. Is there anywhere better that's cheap as well? Ive tried looking around but i don't really know where to look.

    It doesn't matter if its a program (provided it works with macs) or web based.

    Thanks in advance

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    Depends quite a bit on how you want to use it. By that I mean do you want to use CMC etc own charting or do you want to use your own software (Amibroker TradeGuider etc) with a direct feed.

    Barchart seems to be the cheapest independent, eSignal the dearest and DTN.IQ (I use) is in between.

    There is a recently started thread somewhere on here with info on this topic.
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    Web Iress. CMC don't offer it, you can get it through most other brokers. Bell Direct have good dynamic data nowadays; pretty cheap cf CMC. They also offer a version of WebIress.

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    gonna go with commseciress and see how it goes.

    thanks for the help

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