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    Default Semi Compulsory Voting

    So I have been tossing this idea around in my head for some time.

    There are pros and cons to both voluntary and compulsory voting and I am not satisfied with either. I have come up with 2 possible solutions and would love the opinions of the smart members of this forum. Or any other solutions out there.

    Solution 1
    Voting is compulsory one year and voluntary the next.

    I feel this way that polices my move away from this fight for the center but not too extreme like in the US as compulsory voting is back in next cycle.

    Or a less extreme version could be even birth dates compulsory this year and odd compulsory the next (of course you can vote at any election it just not mandatory)

    Solution 2
    Is for there to be a "non vote" box on the ballot.

    I could be missing the mark here, but I feel even though people know it is legal to post a donkey vote there would a substantial portion of the electorate that feel wrong about it and are compelled to vote. And as such make an uninformed vote or vote as their parents do or make choices for less than ideal reasons (and that is their prerogative).

    Look forward to peoples thoughts


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    Default Re: Semi Compulsory Voting

    It's already semi compulsory in the sense that they don't bother trying to force people to register.

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    Default Re: Semi Compulsory Voting

    The non-vote option is already there in the form of an informal vote.


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    Default Re: Semi Compulsory Voting

    Yeah I understand that there is an informal vote, but my feeling is that there would be a portion of the population that would feel wrong lodging an informal vote so select a candidate just because.

    "Informal" vote has some negative connotations attached to it. If there is a box to select to tick or select "non-vote" I feel these people would be more inclined to tick it rather than voting for someone they know nothing about.

    I am gen-y and have spoken to people who have said "I know I can do a donkey vote but I feel I should, so I voted for this person because blah blah...". Again I know this is their choice.

    As far as not forcing people to vote there are definitely people registered who wish they were not. I could list 20+ just in my small circle of friends and my parents circle of friends.

    Additionally I am not sure if is the same at all schools but were strongly encouraged to register at school, long before people had much idea of what they were doing.


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    Default Re: Semi Compulsory Voting

    My advice to the young would be that while democracy is not perfect, it's the best system of government our civilisation has come up so far.

    History has demonstrated that the ability to be able to vote our governments in and out is very valuable indeed. A vote should never be wasted.

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    Default Re: Semi Compulsory Voting

    Perhaps I'm missing something which should be obvious, fifty eight, but I'm not understanding what advantage your suggested system would actually confer on the electorate?

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    Default Re: Semi Compulsory Voting

    Yup couldnt agree more and I do pay attention. But thats not the idea I was getting at.

    There will always people who do not care so how do best facilitate them? And my proposition is that currently we do not accommodate these people very well.

    Is there ways to improve our democracy or do we leave it unchanged?


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    Default Re: Semi Compulsory Voting

    The advantages as I see them are we MIGHT get some more variety in policy. I dont like our political climate and it will only change when it is forced to.

    Currently I feel that policy is written for a small number of marginal seats and are generally short sighted. I originally started thinking that maybe voluntary voting was the way to go, but as the US has demonstrated it also has some major flaws.

    By having the alternate mandatory option or a situation where disinterested voters were more likely not to vote (if my theory holds) as in option 2 the major parties would have to write polices that both motivate their base while at the same time as to not alienate the middle.

    Just some theories I thought I share

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