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    Default Tax treatment for ANZ Bonus Options Plan

    Hi there
    Does anyone know how ANZ BOPs should be treated for tax purposes (inividual return)?

    in a dividend reinvestment Plan (DRP) arrangement you are effectively paid the cash & then you repurchase the shares from that cash/ YOu also get full details of franking arrangements.

    My reading (various ATO docs etc) is that they are not income (there is no franking or unfranked amounts & no imputation credits, therefore they are effectively an asset/capital so would be taxed on sale as a capital gain event?

    ATO have referred me to ANZ stating that if its a bonus issue then the company is required to advise tax implications to its shareholders

    ANZ (computershare) won't give advice is that they are not allowed/qualified to give tax advice because it differ depending on circumstances

    The last thing I want to do is not declare them as income & then end up with a huge tax bill.

    THks in advance

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    Default Re: Tax treatment for ANZ Bonus Options Plan

    see http://www.anz.com/australia/aboutan...ds/bop_drp.pdf - page 13

    you should get your own tax advice if you don't know how to treat them for income tax purposes

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