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    Hi All

    Boring topic for a dull Tuesday night.

    Certified Practising Accountants (CPA), Chartered Accountants(CA), National Institute of Accountants(NIA) and Public Accountants.

    Just interested to read what people perceive the differences to be. Who is more qualified? Who would you prefer to go and see? Who have the toughest qualifying criteria for membership?

    This will be interesting.


    Remember - it's not a lie if you truely believe it yourself.

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    Default Re: Desk Jockeys - Who can you Trust?

    I know a very funny joke about this...unfortunately non-PC so can't say it here.

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    Um, i'm a Chartered Accountant (CA), so I guess I would be biased, but here is what I know (actually better say think, because it is just my opinion)

    - There are less CA's than CPA's (I think it's 40k vs 120k)
    - It is harder to pass CA exams than CPA exams as evidenced by higher failure rates in CA (and I also know people who have done both)
    - CA's are generally good as business advisors
    - CPA's generally make better individual advisors (i.e. financial planners, tax advisors)

    Will be interesting to see if CPA/CA merge in the future. There is renewed speculation and personally I think it makes sense. Interestingly over in the UK there are 4 main accounting bodies, so looks like we have copied the UK's system of unnecessary duplication.

    NIA? Public Accountants? Are they real?

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