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    Default Additional company ASX codes?

    Hey guys hope you can answer my question please.

    I'm confused when looking at some companies on the exchange.

    For example there it a company called AGO
    and AGO is associated with all of these other listed. So I'm assuming they are segments of the company or they are independently owned by AGO??? Thanks

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    Default Re: Additional company ASX codes?

    They are options or warrants on the company. A derivative of some sort.

    Description: RBS PLC 0.5104 AGO MINI LONG
    Type: Call
    Issuer: RBS PLC
    Commenced trading: 12 Apr 2013
    Expiry: 31 Dec 2029
    Exercise level: 0.510 (expressed in $ or index points)
    Warrants/Structured Products per underlying instrument: 1.0000
    Exercise style: American
    Warrants/Structured Products issued: 3,650,000
    Product Disclosure Statement
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