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    Hey all,
    Something slightly off topic - I'm looking to head off to Cambodia early next year and am hoping to do some volunteering work. However, I have been reading that a lot of the volunteer programs do not actually benefit the locals, but rather the companies running the programs. Basically just looking for some advice on this as well as some general recommendations about what to do and see in Cambodia generally.

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    When we volunteered in South America we made sure we went direct (not through an agency) to the charity and found a small independent one so we knew we were helping out directly

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    Hi have been to Cambodia a few times with my young family and will keep going back ,have done work there every time we go over. lots of history and great people , we stay here in phnom penh http://www.eurekavillas.com/ a must stay, also have a look a kep and ,siam rep is a must to see. do a search there are a lot of Australians that have set up orphanage's in Cambodia that are the real deal, a lot are scams






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