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    Default Spam

    Just an interesting experience i would like to share in regards to the issue of spam due to the few threads on spam lately.

    About 6 months ago I moved house and as a result i had to set up a new email address with an ISP (opt..) When setting it up on the phone i just randomly selected an email address of letters and numbers (my suggestion) as i was planning to maintain my previous one.

    Not long after I thought I should start using this new email address and had to call the isp as I had no idea what the actual address was (so hence I had not been able to give it to anyone)

    When I finally got the details and logged into the email it was full of spam. Now understanding that there a lot of random mail generators out there it seems surprising that I had created an (complex) address at random, given it to no-one and within a few days it was full of junk.

    So I called the isp and expressed my concerns, they said there is nothing they can do but offer a free spam filter. It was turned on and almost 98% of spam is now missed.

    However interestingly enough I get a monthly report and the level of spam has never been anywhere near the amount prior to me using the email address.

    It just makes me wonder how secure this information is being kept, and why now is my email address receiving less spam now itís being used than when it wasnít.
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    Default Re: Spam

    The only spam I receive is that which comes as a result of my having volunteered my email address for e.g. stock market information.
    Most of it I'm happy to read before deleting. My ISP is Westnet and I have found them just terrific for filtering out all sorts of rubbish.


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    Default Re: Spam

    I just use MailWasher (the Pro version to handle multiple accounts) and don't care too much about spam. It only takes a few seconds to get MailWasher to delete it all.

    Irrespective of that though, I get almost none through gmail, a bit through Optus (mostly related to US shares, where the two entities I have that trade shares use Optus addresses), and heaps through Hotmail. Now that I have gmail though, I'm using the Hotmail addresses less and less.


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    I solved my spam problem by having 3 email a/cs.

    The first is my main a/c from my ISP which only receives emails from family, friends and important websites. No spam at all on it.

    The second is a free a/c from hotmail which I check daily. If I join a website that I want emails from I use that a/c, and get a little spam.

    And the 3rd is another free hotmail a/c that I rarely check, which I use to join websites that I don't want mail from other than a link to click to join the site. It gets the most spam, but I don't see it because I don't check it often.


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    Default Re: Spam

    Thought I would use this thread to post stock-spam-spoof that I get from time to time and use to check charts. My Spambully is very efficient at putting these into a spam file in OE.

    These spammeers are reputed to buy up, pump the spam, dump and move on. Latest is

    F R L E . O B

    FRLE was the focus of a huge share grab as money makers pushed share
    prices down for bigger returns. Read the all the media and see just how
    crazy this will be. Big volume will be the soup of the day for this
    company from now on. Get in on this at the opening bell tomorrow.


    Fearless Yachts take off as investors jump for joy.

    Fearless International (FRLE)
    $0.25 UP 31.82 %

    This one is Rollin, solid trade since Monday pays off as share prices
    begin to rocket. Everyone will be watching this rocket tomorrow. There
    is a time and place for everything, and Friday more is yours, grab this
    one early.

    BEWARE (of course)
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    Default Re: Spam

    Well not unexpectedly the spam for FRLE has stopped, and the price has collapsed after rise of about 30% on volume. How can people be so naive?
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    Default Re: Spam

    Spammers now targetting PPYH

    "Aggressive Strategy Pays Off For Investors. Shares Are Up 32% Physical Property Inc (P P Y H . O B) Current: $0.33 UP 32%

    Big news brings huge results as Monday's release rocketed share prices
    32% by close. We feel this will be a big winner all week. Move on this
    fast. Call your broker first thing tomorrow."

    Be warned!! Needless to say
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    Default Re: Spam

    I get a bit of spam occassionally. Got a US stock one the other day.

    But how about this one!?
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    Default Re: Spam

    Quote Originally Posted by drmb View Post
    Spammers now targetting PPYH
    short it. you know whats coming

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    Default Re: Spam

    Quote Originally Posted by drmb View Post
    WARNING - off topic

    fearless ... fearless ...fearless ...fearless ...fearless ...fearless ...fearless ...fearless ...fearless ...

    I am a very big fan ...

    I didn't even know there was a public company...
    Check out the 'yachts' made by Fearless International......
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