Hmm. Thats pretty ambitious isn't it ? How could you improve on a nice circular wheel ?

How about turning it into something like a cube ?

Check this out.

Go faster. Slide better. Ride on wet surfaces with incredible grip or go smoothly through gravel. We reinvented the wheel. Literally!

It's a wheel that comes from a cube! Remarkably, it's a perfect cube AND a perfect circle AND a perfect snakelike sine wave!

Shark Wheel=Square Wheel.

Simply put, Shark Wheels are skateboard wheels that are faster, have phenomenal grip, slide better and look incredible. They're also amazing performers in rain, gravel and on soft surfaces. They feel perfectly circular when you're riding, but look like a square from the side when in motion. The snakelike pattern looks amazing going down the road and has superior performance in every category. It's the most innovative skateboard wheel to date