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    Default Is this a joke or real?

    This guy talks about how people could of made 190000+ just by investing 5k.

    Quote"Had you bought gold and nickel explorer Sirius Resources (ASX:SIR) back in July for just 6c, and sold just FOUR MONTHS later, you could have turned a $500 investment into $19,695...or $5,000 into a life changing $196,950 the sort of return you can usually only dream about.
    All four 'hidden' Aussie resource gems in your portfolio would have turned a twenty grand investment into $254,970 in fairly short order. That's close to $235k pure profit!"

    Here is the article http://pro.portphillippublishing.com...r352/WOSIP532/

    If you scroll down to "But just so you know I'm not kidding..." in big letter black writing you will see what im talking about.

    Can anyone confirm that this can actually happen or is this guy pulling peoples legs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fangblade1 View Post
    or is this guy pulling peoples legs?
    More like dipping into your wallet most likely. From a quick look around it appears one of his tips may have been AYN in Dec 2011.

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    The spruiking is strong.
    Their recommendations alone distorted the market.
    Not many came through that strongly.

    It is true that some of those stocks did that well, not sure that they were their picks though, they are just making an example of what does happen to one fish and chip shop owner in a million.

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    If someone is really able to make that sort of money then they'll either be trading for themselves or at least employed by the likes of a major bank or fund manager and earning a fortune.

    The one certainty is that they won't need your comparatively trivial amount of money for subscribing to their newsletter or whatever else they are offering.

    If it sounds too good to be true then almost certainly it is. Most people like this, make their money from newsletters, seminars and the like rather than actually trading in the market which says all you need to know about their actual abilities at making a profit through trading.

    My comments here are general, I haven't looked into this one specifically, but 99% of these sorts of claims fall into this category.

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