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    Post ETE - Entek Energy

    Has anybody heard anything about this one?

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    poising for a breakout... I like it

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    Talking Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    any news on the drilling anyone? seems promising though. appreciate feedback.

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Keep an eye on this one... imo this stock is way undervalued, another good ann should see it start to move.

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    These guys are on the move again with update due on current drilling in the GOM. This well is quite near their discovery well which should start production soon.They are in need of some good news after the last well came up dry.

    Interested to see if any charists have a veiw?

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Not a chartist by any stretch of the imagination but looks like a potential breakout at 18c,then perhaps little to stop it running to 22.5c. Anyone else?

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    If current well comes in they will be 25 cents plus. If not expect some weakness but price will be supported by predicted revenue of $400k- $500k per month from High Island Block 24-L well due to come on line April/ May.

    Also written up in Peter Strachan's Stock Analysis newsletter with target price of 37 cents.

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Something stirring this morning, hopefully some good news on the way?

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    In trading halt today, hopefully positive news on curent drill

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    Red face Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Very good stock to get in cheap on . About to start lots of activities. Will be covered by Patersons and Stockanalysis in next few days .

    Issue on atm subduing the price .

    BUT .........research and the smart will be making money here


    I declare : hold some ETE

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Have bought into this stock over the last 4 weeks. From a quick glance, ETE appealed as it has a little production, cash on hand, no debt and drilling to hopefully occur late in 2009 in the GOM.

    Just had a quick scim of the ETE quarterly.

    Main Pass Block 252.
    * 11.5 BCF of 2P reserves
    * finalising JV agreements in August.
    * aiming to drill around dec 09 (after wet season).

    $8m cash
    Debt free
    High Island still bringing in a little cash flow.

    As a BESBS play, I suspect that this one will hover and then make a move once a JV agreement is confirmed some time late August. Once drilling approaches, we should see the SP get a further wriggle on...

    Holding ETE

    Happy to sit for a while and see if this can get me a solid return.

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Change of plans with ETE.

    Over the weekend, I was informed that drilling is most likely to occur in H1 2010 - 2009 is very unlikely. Although there might be a small spike when a JV announcement occurs (hopefully by September), I sense that the SP shall drift southward when it becomes apparent that drilling shall not occur in 2009.
    This risk is too much for my liking as there are many spots to park BESBS $$$ to make quicker gains.

    Sold out at 13c.
    Made 19% profit in a month. Nothing startling but profit is profit

    Good luck to all holders

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Daily volume picking up, waiting on drill results, if all good then would like to see some insto's parting with their dough.

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Technically, the low of 0.19 now becomes a solid support level. On the upside, the resistance is located at 0.25. The technical indicator shows buy with the 0.29 target price in short term.

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    A friend alerted me to a report on ETE by a company called Arrowhead. I have tried to paste a link to the report but not been successful.
    The downside of the report is that it was commissioned by ETE! I do not hold this stock but wondered if anyone has any more independent info? In summary Arrowhead said:

    Due Diligence and Valuation Report
    Arrowhead Code: 06-03-02
    Coverage initiated: 10 October 2009
    This document: 24 February 2010
    Fair share value bracket: AUS$0.691 to AUS$1.169
    Share price on date: AUS$0.210i
    "The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away." Marcus Aurelius

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Euroz have starting covering Entek (as well as being involved in cap raisings for them) and have put a target price of 26c/share on them.

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    from SMH,

    Another Sundance beckoning?
    Richard Hemming
    June 10, 2011 - 11:00AM

    For those not afraid of a bit of risk, oil and gas producer and explorer Entek could be right up their alley.

    At 15 cents the company has a market cap of almost $80 million and is described by one invested fundie as “a smaller version of Sundance Energy”.

    Sundance (ASX: SEA) is a shale oil and gas producer and also has operations in the “Niobrara” shale region in the US. Niobrara refers to a large and very old inland sea that extends from Texas up through Colorado and Wyoming towards Canada.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    Even after recent weakness, Sundance's shares have increased five-fold in the past year, but this relates to its activities in the Bakken region located to the east, primarily in North Dakota. This is shale gas technology has been most successful. Niobrara has much potential, but has had little success thus far.

    The experts say that the engineering technology is improving all the time. For the optimists, the real clue to value in Entek is the heavyweights involved in production in locations close to Entek, which is in the Green River Basin in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. These include Shell, Andarko, Questar, Double Eagle Petroleum and Gulfport Energy.

    Broker Euroz's 27 cents a share valuation for Entek is based on a re-rating of its exploration “acreage” from $1500 per acre to $3000. This in turn relies on one of these heavyweight companies extracting oil in large quantities nearby to Entek's operations.

    Of course, if Entek (ASX: ETE) can extract oil AND it can find a big partner, its valuation will skyrocket. You just have to look at Aurora Oil and Gas (AUT), which has a market cap of $1.3 billion to see what is possible.

    As with any high risk exploration project, it is at a very early stage. Entek is due to start drilling five wells later this month.

    Entek had a poor 2010, having been in an unsuccessful joint venture with US based New Frontier, which was as cash strapped as Entek. Fast forward to today and it has the cash. This month it announced an oil discovery in its well in the Gulf of Mexico and in April it raised $25 million in equity.

    The elephant in the room for shale gas production is the environmental damage that was highlighted in the documentary “Gas Land” which was mainly set in New York State. According to analysts, this is not an issue for companies in the Niobrara or Bakken regions, because the populations are much lower and the exploration is mainly for oil and not gas, which can find its way into water systems much more readily.

    One thing is for sure, though. When Entek does start “fracking” this month, most shareholders probably won't be thinking about the environmental impact

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    Default Entek Energy (ETE)

    Does anyone know what is going on here (as they find new recent lows daily)?

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    25% rise in price on Fri, with 38.6M shares traded, well over 10x the usual volume.

    Surely time for a speeding ticket?

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    Default Re: ETE - Entek Energy

    Quote Originally Posted by Kremmen View Post
    25% rise in price on Fri, with 38.6M shares traded, well over 10x the usual volume.

    Surely time for a speeding ticket?
    I just read on another forum Alex Cowie recommended this stock..

    Might be the reason for the 25% move on 35m volume friday.

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