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    Default AWE versus HDR

    I've been wanting 2 buy a mid-tier oil stock 4 a while and it seems that these 2 both have the goods and that 2006 should be a good year 4 their sp...

    AWE have heaps of projects that should start producing this year:
    BassGass has proven+probable gas reserves of 330PJ and 30m barrels of oil
    Production beginning 1Q06
    Then Casino aims to be producing 35PJ gas pa beginning 1Q06
    Cliff head aims to be producing 10,000barrels of oil/day from 2Q06 and has 140m barrels in reserves
    Tui Project in NZ begins in 2Q06 with oil production target of 50,000barrels/day
    Earnings are protected to an extent through contracts with Origin, ELGAS and Shell...

    HDR on the other hand have heaps of exploration and drilling happeneing in uganda etc.... but Chinguetti would bring in $500m in earnings which is massive... Also Tiof developement..
    Half of oil would be hedged to protect from dropping oil price but still benefit from any upside...

    Both are looked upon favourably by brokers...

    the only concern i have with AWE is that alot of their upcoming first productions look like priced in since sp has had quite a run... HDR at under-$2 seems like better value....

    Any Thoughts?

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    Default Re: AWE versus HDR

    Sounds like a tough call, in the financial review today, analysts put HDR at a target of $2.37.
    the company will begin pumping oil from Chinguetti oilfields soon, could be a good investment. Dont know much about AWE, but have been following HDR for some time now. Things are looking good for 06 (in my opinion).

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    Default Re: AWE versus HDR

    There is so many to pick from its just unbelievable....i like both as they both have installment warrants. Which ones do you think adher to fundamentals the most? I would like to hear as i have so many to research that i would enjoy a bit of feedback

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