Clearly we cannot give advice but surely a personal opinion is OK?

This I wrote on another companion thread.(In part)

But what are the types of things you'd "Like" to know.
The sort of questions you think an F/A should be able to answer.
Not that your looking for an answer here!

Over the years mine have been---
When will I know its a good time to purchase Industrial Real estate?
What is the most effective way to develop for maximum return.
How is it best I structure my own Industrial property in my SMSF (Accounting Firm sorted that--F/A had blank look)
What are your thoughts on hedging my SMSF portfolio--what would you suggest.
What are your hints on risk management with regards to the market post GFC?
How much do I need to retire on and what is my best structure going forward (I'm at that age).

How do you see investment in commodities like gold and silver etc going forward and why good or bad.
If we have a prolonged period of stagnation what is your advice?
If we enter into an inflationary period what should I look for and how do I protect cash?

Just to mention a few.
Many Ive found answers myself through other means---but
Would love to read some personal opinions.