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    This is quite amusing but the underlying message is very powerful, make sure you watch parts 2 & 3 as well.

    How another English speaking country born out of the wild west, English law, English philosophy (USA) can view a similar country that has adopted gun control laws(Australia). It's amazing that the gun advocate can suggest it's Mars

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    Default Re: Australian Gun Control

    Australians have so much to be proud for, being so different from the US is No.1

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    Talking to a friend the other day (he is a complete gun nut) about his newest to be gun, bolt action 5 shot magazine but the round is same as a sniper will pretty much stop a camel.

    You can get another rifle but you have to go to court that has a round not that much smaller than a 50 cal.

    I was surprised at the size of the rounds but no semi autos of course which along with hand guns seem to be used to do all the damage.

    John Howard deservers plenty of credit for getting through a difficult piece of legislation.

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