Dear All,

I was looking via google for some active forum about stocks/shares and I found your one. After researching for few weeks, Im starting to give up and would like to politely ask if someone could share a tip where could be found what I am looking for. If not possible for free, Im even willing to pay for it. I know Im new on THIS forum but hopefully this wouldn't be a problem.
Actually what I need are two samples to get some basic understanding of the ''files'' how do they look like: First sample what I would need is some kind of brochure which either masters/teachers of stocks either advertise or offer to potential clients who would use their services about consulting/teaching of worldwide (not only Australian but worldwide) stocks from both aspect - longterm ownage (investing) and shortterm ownage (trading). In such brochure I would need some basic description (no need to be a book) of service provider's consulting - what potential clients who want to learn from him/her can expect - what exact kind of services. How does the services/consulting ''look'' like, meeting places, steps of consulting, when can potential client expect some profit if using this exact service provider's service (consulting), what kind of tools are used and so on. So im just looking for some kind of presentation (as a sample) that could be provided to potential clients who might decide to use service/class of particular's person (or brokerage house) consulting.

I am also searching for the samples of price lists - e.g. what in this consulting would be worth for example $5000 (what kind of knowledge received for such amount), what for example $500, what for example $20000, what for example $1500 and so on. Sample of basic price list would be also appreciated a lot.

I am in need of those two samples (it might be weird request I know) so much that I would be even willing to, if I have to, pay for it (for both samples). I could pay for any useful tip (or samples) via bank wire or western union.

I hope someone could please offer some tip/samples. What I was thinking is to research for brokerage houses - obviously ONLY the ones that offer online (preferable) consulting. Those ones for sure have exactly what I need - public samples of brochures (what potential client could expect) and also price list but I would prefer physical person as his/her brochure/price list might be totally different (specially brochure) comparing to brokerage house.

If any of you do the consulting then I would owe you for a lifetime for some suggestions about those two samples. Thanks a lot in advance and hopefully someone could at least forward me to the correct location. Again, to clarify: Im looking for SAMPLES (price list for consulting services, brochure) and not suggestions where to find the best consulting services and/or potential clients.