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    Hi there. First post here :)

    I've been interested in share markets recently and have been reading up a lot, researching, etc. About a month ago, I bought my first shares and I'm interested in hearing other people's views on my picks. I've decided that high quality and stable companies with good growth potential are what I want. Here's what I bought (all in small share packages):


    Additionally, I've been interested in some mining/mining services companies, but have been a little reluctant to buy in as their share prices keep dropping. Some that I'm interested in are AAX, SLR, PNA and AUT.

    I'll probably continue to look through other companies for others I might be interested in. Thanks :)

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    Hi,, glad to have read your post!! newbie here too.. and hoping to hear more from others newbies like me..

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    Hi I am also pretty new to the topic and donít even listen to my own advice, so unfortunately I canít tell much about the stocks you picked.
    Somewhere I read that May is statistically not the best month to buy Ė not sure whether thatís true. However, one thing that is noticeable is that stock indexes around the globe currently break record highs or are close to that. And someone told me nothing goes up forever.
    Good luck!


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