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    Question Comsec quotes - buyers vs. sellers

    Good Morning,
    I've just started trading on the Asx and I use Comsec. I was wondering if any of you learned ladies or gents could explain to me the benefit of the <Buyers> and <Sellers> data for price and volume that appears at the bottom of the Quotes page??
    At first I thought "yay" when I saw a million shares waiting to be bought with only 400k for sale - but after further consideration I looked at the actual prices and started to wonder why they even put the figures on there?
    Is it just to make it look like the stock is highly sought after?? Or am I missing the picture totally??

    PS sorry if I have asked a question posted previously - I did a quick Advanced Search!

    As an ex-navy friend of mine says "may your boats not have holes in them".

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    Oops - I just found the answer........

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