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    Default 2013 Moto GP, Rossi is back!

    It is a real shame that Casey Stoner isn't still racing, the Australian champ was unbeatable.
    But the real buzz is, will Rossi beat Giacomo Agostini's record?


    As competition has become closer, the probability improves. It's great t.v a bit of a thriller IMO

    Force yourself to watch and learn, you may be seeing history in the making.

    Everyone said Agostini's record wouldn't be beaten, because he was riding superior machinery and cleaned up.

    Today with the machinery so evenly matched, nobody could beat Ago's record, well after the Qatar GP Valentio's back.

    As someone said, do yourself a favour.lol tune in to the Moto GP you will see the best bike riding ever between Lorenzo and Rossi.

    It will be like fine art IMO

    OK I'm waxing on, I love it, it's magic.
    Allow for the worst, hope for the best.

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    Default Re: 2013 Moto GP, Rossi is back!

    Well if you haven't been watching moto gp this year, you've missed a treat, WWf has nothing on motogp.

    The championship was fixed by the riders,

    It is as bad a match fixing in cricket, or soccer.

    Absolutely outrageous.
    Allow for the worst, hope for the best.

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