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    Default Copper mining companies

    Does anyone have a list of ASX listed copper mining companies, or know where one can be obtained?

    I'm interested in companies in all stages, from exploration to production.

    Any help appreciated!

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    Default Re: Copper mining companies

    Someone might have a more useful list but here is a list of every company which has "copper" in the company description at (data Thomson Reuters):

    Code Name
    AAR Anglo Australian Resources NL
    ABY Aditya Birla Minerals Limited
    ACP Audalia Resources Limited
    ADN Adelaide Resources Limited
    AGD Austral Gold Limited
    AGS Alliance Resources Limited
    AHK Ark Mines Limited
    AHN Athena Resources Limited
    AHR Anchor Resources Limited
    AIV Activex Limited
    ANW Ausnico Limited
    AOH Altona Mining Limited
    AOU Auroch Minerals NL
    AQR Aeon Metals Limited
    ARE Argonaut Resources NL
    ARM Aurora Minerals Limited
    AUC AusGold Limited
    AUK Augur Resources Limited
    AUQ Alara Resources Limited
    AVB Avanco Resources Limited
    AVI Avalon Minerals Limited
    AVK Argentina Mining Limited
    AXE Archer Exploration Limited
    AZS Azure Minerals Limited
    BCD BCD Resources NL
    BFE Black Fire Minerals Ltd
    BGH Bligh Resources Limited
    BOC Bougainville Copper Limited
    BRW Breakaway Resources Limited
    BSM Bass Metals Ltd
    BTR Blackthorn Resources Limited
    CDU CuDeco Limited
    CLY Clancy Exploration Limited
    CMY Capital Mining Limited
    CNS Centius Gold Limited
    COY Coppermoly Limited
    CSE Copper Strike Ltd
    CVV Caravel Minerals Limited
    CWG Central West Gold NL
    CXO Core Exploration Limited
    CYS Chrysalis Resources Limited
    CYU Chinalco Yunnan Copper Resources Ltd
    CZI Cassini Resources Limited
    DDD 3D Resources Limited
    DGR DGR Global Limited
    DML Discovery Metals Limited
    DRX Diatreme Resources Limited
    EAR Echo Resources Limited
    ELT Elementos Limited
    ERL Empire Resources Limited
    ESR Estrella Resources Limited
    FCN Falcon Minerals Limited
    FND Finders Resources Limited
    FOY Foyson Resources Limited
    FRY Fitzroy Resources Limited
    GBZ GBM Resources Limited
    GCR Golden Cross Resources Limited
    GLM Gulf Mines Limited
    GLY Glory Resources Limited
    GML Gateway Mining Limited
    GMR Golden Rim Resources Limited
    GMX Goldminex Resources Limited
    GPR Geopacific Resources NL
    GRX Goodrich Resources Limited
    GSC Global Geoscience Limited
    GSE Goldsearch Limited
    GUN Gunson Resources Limited
    HAV Havilah Resources NL
    HCH Hot Chili Limited
    HGO Hillgrove Resources Limited
    HIG Highlands Pacific Limited
    HNR Hannans Reward Limited
    HOR Horseshoe Metals Limited
    IDC Indochine Mining Limited
    IGO Independence Group NL
    IPT Impact Minerals Limited
    IRG Integrated Resources Group Limited
    IRL India Resources Limited
    IRN Indophil Resources NL
    ISH Ishine International Resources Limited
    IVR Investigator Resources Ltd
    IXR IMX Resources Limited
    JRV Jervois Mining Limited
    KDR Kidman Resources Limited
    LIN Lindian Resources Limited
    LKE Lake Resources NL
    LRR Leopard Resources NL
    LSA Lachlan Star Limited
    LSR Lodestar Minerals Limited
    MAR Malachite Resources Limited
    MDO Mindoro Resources Limited
    MDS Midas Resources Limited
    MEP Minotaur Exploration Limited
    MHM MHM Metals Limited
    MLX Metals X Limited
    MML Medusa Mining Ltd
    MNC Metminco Limited
    MOD MOD Resources Limited
    MOL Moly Mines Limited
    MOO Monto Minerals Ltd
    MOX Monax Mining Limited
    MRX Matrix Metals Limited
    MYG Mutiny Gold Limited
    MZM Montezuma Mining Company Limited
    NCO Namibian Copper NL
    NIO Nickelore Limited
    NIU Niuminco Group Limited
    NRR Naracoota Resources Limited
    ORD Ord River Resources Limited
    ORO Oroya Mining Limited
    OUM Outback Metals Limited
    OVL Oro Verde Limited
    OZL OZ Minerals Limited
    PDM Paradigm Metals Limited
    PLS Pilbara Minerals Limited
    PNA PanAust Limited
    PNR Pacific Niugini Ltd
    PNX Phoenix Copper Limited
    PRH Phillips River Mining Limited
    PUN Pegasus Metals Limited
    QMN Queensland Mining Corporation Limited
    RBR Rubicon Resources Limited
    RDM Red Metal Limited
    RDS Redstone Resources Limited
    RIO Rio Tinto Limited
    RMT RMA Energy Limited
    RMX Red Mountain Mining Limited
    RNU Renaissance Uranium Limited
    RRE Rubianna Resources Limited
    RVR Red River Resources Limited
    RXM Rex Minerals Limited
    SAT Stratos Resources Limited
    SBR Sabre Resources Limited
    SEO Sentosa Mining Limited
    SFR Sandfire Resources NL
    SPM Speewah Metals Ltd
    SPQ Superior Resources Limited
    SRI Sipa Resources Limited
    SRM Sierra Mining
    SRQ Straits Resources Limited
    SUM Sumatra Copper & Gold PLC
    SVM Sovereign Metals Limited
    SXT Stratum Metals Limited
    TGS Tiger Resources Limited
    THX Thundelarra Limited
    TKG Takoradi Limited
    TKL Traka Resources Limited
    TLG Talga Resources Ltd
    TLM Talisman Mining Limited
    VIC Victory Mines Limited
    VOR Voyager Resources Limited
    WCN White Cliff Minerals Limited
    WDR Western Desert Resources Limited
    WSR Whitestar Resources Limited
    XAM Xanadu Mines Limited
    YTC YTC Resources Limited
    ZGM Zamia Metals Limited
    ZRL Zambezi Resources Limited

    I've just been looking into Marengo Mining (MMC). Just put it on the watch list for further research. You might also find this of interest:

    It was posted by drillinto here:

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