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    Default What job do you do, and do you trade whilst working?

    Just curious what do people do and do you trade while working?

    I've noticed more and more of people working with and/or for me are trading online (some even while working). Even a tradie I had working for me was trading while on the clock, then again I was paying him for the work done and couldn't care less if he got the work done within 4 hours or 5 hours while trading. Thinking about it now though, would've hate if he was distracted on the job and not doing a 100% work.

    I am a job hunter (ie. unemployed since Nov 2012). Trade while looking for a job.

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    Default Re: What job do you people do? and do you trade whilst working?

    Obviously if you trade at work, you might want to be as general as possible in your job description and don't say where you work. lol.

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    Default Re: What job do you do, and do you trade whilst working?

    Property Valuer.

    I check my trades a couple of times during the day, but don't trade intraday.

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    Default Re: What job do you do, and do you trade whilst working?

    Currently have a graduate role in fin planning for a BB.

    I check everything on my break/when I get time...

    I have traded in the day, but my strategy is usually longer term in nature and doesn't require copius amounts of time whilst the market is open...

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    Default Re: What job do you do, and do you trade whilst working?

    While I was still full-time employed ("last century"), I would crank up the Trading System before I left home, set a few alerts with a loud bell, so my wife could check and phone the Broker with an appropriate order. During work breaks (even an IT Manager gets those sometimes) I might have checked a chart or two, but on average wouldn't phone home more than once or twice in a fortnight because we had only a few suitable trades open at any time and discussed them the day before.

    Those were the days without straight-through processing; no day-trading on a 5-second fuse then.

    Since 01/01/01, I'm a full-time sole trader; while my salary is not quite as high as previously, I no longer need a suit and don't spend 2-3 hours a day in a car that's parked on the "Free"way.
    (... and no sexual harassment complaints from my co-worker to worry about either )
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