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    Hi everyone

    I'm just getting back into shares after a while away. I'm using Amibroker. Previously when I wanted to set up lists I had to track the list eg ASX 200 on the web , usually on the ASX and specifically import that list in as a specific watchlist and then update it on a regular basis.

    My data supplier , within the data has a separate folder with lists of all the indices and their constituent shares .

    Is there a way to import all of these lists in a one step ( or as few as possible ) and so that the lists in amibroker get updated as the lists in the data folder change , Amibroker is referencing the lists in the Data on an ongoing basis.


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    Hi Cliff,

    It's easy now especially if your with Premium Data.

    The link has all the answers.

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    Unfortunately I'm not . Trading Game .


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