May I advise any Chinese grannies, notoriously targeted and villified, in Border Security, to henceforth walk through the Green Channel with their menagerie.

Most Customs Officers investigated would appear to be corrupt or if not corrupt unable to be cleared of corruption according to an article in the Canberra Times.

I have oft sobbed on watching Border Security at the sesquipidalean pursuit of aged Chinese matriarchs whose only crime was to import the equivalent of twenty KFC Five Stars Box as live chickens.

This must stop.

Next time you watch Border Security, ask yourself, is this Chinese grannie with her barely flapping feathered suitcase, a greater danger to Australia, than the investigated Custom Officers who continue to have links to organised crime, drug barons, murderers and colourful identities in NSW.?

Customs and Border Protection authorities conducted 700 secret inquiries into staff in just three years, two-thirds of which led to adverse findings, raising serious questions about the integrity of the organisation charged with policing the country's borders.

The cases, unearthed by a Fairfax investigation, examined allegations that included the trafficking of weapons and drugs, large-scale fraud and the pilfering of sensitive Customs intelligence.

The allegations are contained in previously classified Internal Affairs records that underscore the enduring vulnerability of the service to infiltration by organised crime, after a recent police taskforce arrested 17 people, including four allegedly corrupt Customs officers.

The files, obtained after a freedom-of-information fight that lasted two years, show senior executives have long known that Customs officials have been linked to groups such as bikie gangs, African crime syndicates, the Italian Mafia and even suspected terrorists.

They also expose the institutional failures and under-resourcing that have gravely compromised Customs' ability to properly investigate itself over the past decade.

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