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    Anyone got any thoughts on this company?

    They just announced 2nd quarter results today which look pretty good.

    company valued at approx $43 million. Cash in bank of $32 million including 2nd quarter profit of $5.965 million. Due to higher turnover and profits.

    Makes it look like a fairly cheap buy. Possible takeover potential for a company like Betcorp as well.

    I bought in today. Your thoughts appreciated.

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    I haven't looked at this one but do you think Betfair may have a negative impact? While gambling is very strong in this country the competition for the punters $$$ appears to be getting stronger.

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    Am interested in the move by paddy power in taking 51% of Sportsbet and in doing so 19% of Allsports. Wondering whether they will make a move for the rest?



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    Gusto looks like the trading halt today may have something to do with that particular question. I guess the answer will be found out after the halt is lifted Friday.



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    Hello Fishywoo

    Thanks for the update. Interesting halt. Seemed a logical trade with the announcement on the 14th but hey it is not always that simple. Anyways Gusto hopes for the best.



    ps I hold

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    60c a share from sportsbet. would have thought that was a little on the low side. interested as to what others think.



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