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    It's pleasing when some of your "punts" move quickly North! . Have suffered patiently with MST, CCE, & VCR but NMS & now ADA are restoring my faith in basic research. I like running free on comfortable holdings. Been far to rare an experiance lately. We lose on some very nice to win on some.
    Now come on the afore mentioned.C > e.

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    Default Re: ADA following NMS road?

    and in english ??

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    Default Re: ADA following NMS road?

    Got into ada after a healthy retrace...Should see some financials in the report out today or tomorrow. Then I expect it to get the strength to power onto the next move....

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    Default Re: ADA following NMS road?

    and of course as far as nms is concerned, they did conveniently forget to mention income from 1 or 2 jobs in the last quarterly report - maybe holding it for the next one...hmmmmmmmmmm...nice one clive.

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    Default Re: ADA following NMS road?

    emu2 I hope you're still holding as Adacel has just released their half yearly.

    For the first time since their restructure Adacel has a positive cash flow (of $3.95mill).

    I expect more contracts to be decided upon soon and best of luck to adacel, certainly with their superior product you would think that they deserve them. all the contracts they have won over the last 6 months is testimony to this.

    Further improvements can be expected in the june half!!!!!

    This is an excellent result for Adacel - well done!

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