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    Default Which shares option to put into super?

    My partner just recently found out that you can choose how your super is invested......all these years its been in the default "Balanced" mode. Currently, playing around with how to spread out the super investment (currently with sunsuper) and wondering if anyone have any opinions which direction I should go?

    Obviously SMSF will be the best, but currently way off that....only 10k from 10 years or so of working

    Australian Shares
    Australian Shares - Index
    Emerging Markets Shares
    International Shares (hedged)
    International Shares (unhedged)
    International Shares - Enhanced Index (hedged)
    International Shares - Enhanced Index (unhedged)
    Ethical, Environmental and Socially Responsible Investments

    Fixed Interest
    Fixed Interest - Index

    1. If its a long term aggressive move, should I go majority wise into Emerging markets, ethical investment, and international shares-index (hedged)?

    2. Someone care to explain the difference between Cash and fixed interest?

    3. Currently thinking going:
    15% property
    5% cash
    15% fixed interest (or index fixed interest)
    30% Australian Shares - Index
    20% Emerging Markets
    15% Social Ethical


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    Default Re: Which shares option to put into super?

    Looks a reasonable option.

    My thoughts is you need to be a bit agressive in the early years, an moved to a less agressive approach when getting close to retirement.

    Fixed interest could be either bonds or hybrid shares (my understanding}

    Also need some approach to identify things such as the GFC and move into cash/fixed interest. Sounds easy in hindsight but difficult on the way though.

    You can definitely improve beyond the balanced option. Also consider fees as it does impact on the final outcome

    My opinion only and what I am attempting to do.
    I'm free to bore my well-bought friends and spend my cash until the end - Iggy Pop

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