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    Default What happened to my $600 of free brokerage, Commsec?

    Hi guys,

    I opened a Commsec account at the end of December because they were offering $600 of free brokerage if you registered before 31 Jan 2013.

    I got up this morning and decided to set up some trades for the forthcoming week. However, when I tried to, for each trade it indicated that it was going to charge me the standard brokerage fee of $19.95. I didn't want to go through with the trade in the hope that it wouldn't charge me the brokerage fee as per the offer in case it charged the money and I couldn't get it back.

    Has anyone had any trouble with this offer? I've tried searching through the forum for similar queries, but can only find old threads that state you need to write a code on the application form. As I submitted my application online using the link provided on the Commsec site, I never had to touch a hard-copy application.

    If anyone can share their stories or offer any solutions, it'll be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: What happened to my $600 of free brokerage, Commsec?

    I signed up with commsec in November 2012 I think. Same thing happened with me. The first trade I did they charged me brokerage. I contacted them to fix it and they reset my account to give me the $600 free brokerage from that date onwards with a three month expiry. I've used up all my free brokerage now.

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