In an attempt to stop endless new threads being started about various single issues relating to Australia's political parties, I have decided to start a few threads that are intended for the general discussion of each party. There will also be a thread started for the discussion of all minor political parties.

Please note that all previous threads will be retained and may be used for discussion if you feel that they are more appropriate. However, any new threads in which the topic is about an issue relating to one of Australia's political parties will probably be merged into one of these new threads.

If you feel that a topic about a particular political party is deserving of its own thread then please PM me and present your case.

All peripheral political issues, such as elections, inquiries, reports or anything else that does not relate specifically to one political party, may have a new thread started about it.

I will be copying this introduction into the first post of each of the new threads so it can be used as a point of reference. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

This thread is for the discussion of the National Party of Australia.