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    Unhappy Hi, I am newbie

    Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie .
    A bit of my background here.

    I bought some OZ share back in 2007. Some RIO and some WPL, and some MQG.

    now still holding them. but the price is down significantly compared to the price i paid for.

    I didn't have any strategy in place and did not what to invest.

    All the stock picked was just follow someone's talk during BBQ event .... http://www.aussiestockforums.com/for...lies/frown.gif

    Now I want to build a sustainable income generating portfolio.

    Can someone please kindly point me to a right direction.
    How to research ?
    how to final a good stock ?
    how do i know if the stock is undervalue and it's a good buy ?

    Thank you : )

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    Suggest you look under Investment /Trading Resources. There are a few sites that offer a free trial for the type of information you are after. Give the trial a go and see which one you are comfortable with. I am sure you have learn't the hard way that you need a strategy to manage the shares, and you can soon lose the cost of a subscription. If you do not have time to learn, pay someone else to do the work. You shouldn't pay more than $1000 year - the range is $300 - $1000 per year from my experience.
    I'm free to bore my well-bought friends and spend my cash until the end - Iggy Pop

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    Default Re: Hi, I am newbie

    Thank you for the advice above

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