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    Post CDY - Cellmid Limited

    One of the more interesting biotechs on the ASX - I'm surprised it hasn't graced the pages of Aussie Stock Forums before now.
    Historically a frothy stock which has seen some spectacular but short-lived rises in the SP.
    Current SP of 0.025 gives a market capital of some $17 mill.


    Holders still dreaming of the glory days - there was only a couple! - of late 2010 when the price surged from 0.022-ish to intra-day high of 0.105.

    Product line revolves around developing diagnostics using a candidate cancer marker called 'midkine'.
    And wait there's more: also manufactures and markets a hair restorant retail product called 'Evolis'.

    But no steak knives, that I know of.

    Recent days are a new experience for CDY holders: a slow and steady build-up of interest, based on news of collaborations with some serious larger biotechs in the diagnostic area, and some relatively healthy financial numbers.

    Having made a motsa day-trading CDY during it's brief splurge a couple of years ago, I've watched it keenly since. While I have difficulty taking hair-restorant seriously, I have to say CDY is looking a lot more interesting recently.

    Worth watching also are options CDYO, exercise date Oct 2016, conversion 0.034, currently trading at 0.008 ish.

    Discl: don't hold.
    Discl: I am beyond the range of any hair restorant.
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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Purple, been holding since early 2011, this is a nice lift in pps which just may be sustained while products move forward towards further joint ventures and commercialisation of its test kits and anti scar tissue products. Their hair products are actually looking very positive with many big chemists taking them on already, next will the hair dressing industry, and they are still in the early stages of selling to the industry.

    There are signs this might be the year it does reach the high single digits, and possibly, with more good news, the teens. I hope so, I plan on sitting on this for another year or so and see where it goes. A promising stock and after the long doldrums waiting I just might make a little something this time around.

    PPS closed today at 0.044

    Edit: I forgot to add that their hair product has TGA approval for their claim that it actually does what it says, and that is that it really restores hair. Not that you or I need it, but Shane Warne might be interested.

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Great write up here:

    Cellmid moves closer to royalty revenues in 2H 2013
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 by Proactive Investors


    Cellmid Ltd (ASX: CDY) is an Australian biotech company that is in the process of harvesting multiple and long term cash flow streams from the sale of cosmeceuticals, and royalties generated from the licensing of midkine in cancer diagnostics.

    Cellmid has a deep pipeline that is being nurtured and developed by a strong biotech management team with a pedigree that includes Graeme Kaufman who helped build CSL into a multi-billion dollar biotech company, Martin Rogers who serves with Prima BioMed and Maria Halasz as its MD.

    Maria Halasz serves as MD and CEO and is in the enviable position of driving the development of midkine as a leading edge molecular diagnostic for the identification of 26 different cancers, and helping develop other applications for the same technology.

    The first licensing agreement with Quest Diagnostics (NYSE: DGX) for the midkine lung cancer diagnostic is expected to develop into an annualised multi-million dollar royalty revenue stream, and the second licensing agreement with Pacific Edge (NZSX: PEB) for the non-exclusive use of the midkine bladder cancer diagnostic is expected to develop into a royalty return that approaches a million dollars per year.

    Cellmid now has the opportunity to develop multiple royalty streams for a variety of midkine cancer diagnostics, and is in the early stages of developing midkine in a number of therapeutic applications.

    PPS friday 8.3.13 = $0.05


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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    After its prodigious recent run, CellMid is having a capital-raising. Who'd a thunk it? Maybe the rivers of money for hair-restorer just haven't started flowing yet.

    But then again, what's a good run for ...

    Anyway, we may now get a chance to see what the "sophisticates" value CDY at. If the company can persuade the sophs to part with their moolah at anything around $0.04c per share, that would be a pretty encouraging signal.

    Having had other ideas of where to take my risks, I've stood out of CDY for this year's frivolity, but I'll be watching the week's developments keenly.
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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    does it also work in SGX

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Cellmid Limited raises $2m from oversubscribed placement
    Wednesday, March 13, 2013 by John Phillips

    Cellmid Limited (ASX: CDY) has boosted its cash position with an oversubscribed $2 million placement to strengthen marketing of its Évolis hair growth products in Australia and overseas.

    The company had cash and cash equivalents of over $1.7 million at the end of 2012.

    Funds will also be applied to continue the company’s diagnostic and therapeutic antibody product development programs.

    The placement which was not subject to shareholder approval comprised 50 million shares are $0.04, along with 30 million options with an issue price of $0.001, an exercise price of $0.05 which expire on the 19th March 2014.

    Maria Halasz, CEO, commented: “The company has gone through solid growth in the 2013 financial year and met all of its product and licensing milestones which has been reflected in the strong interest in this capital raising round.

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    In this morning after it showed some strength.

    Been watching this one for a while, and for my one allotted specie, it does seem to look pretty good.

    We shall see. Any move lower would push it to 0.024.
    Up the Rats!!!!

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    The quarterly should be out either this week or next and could see a significant increase in the share price if Evoli sales numbers are good. In saying that, the complete opposite could occur if the volume of sales is below market expectations and is not up on the prior quarter.

    Last quarter they were supplying to 400 chemists, which has been increased to 700. If they focus further on marketing and pushing the product overseas I think they could do very well.

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Its still sitting in the doldrums, I am waiting to see what eventuates over the coming few months, in the meantime there are other fishies to chase

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Could very well move to the.24 area.
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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Important announcement out today:

     Immediate access to sales from established Japanese hair growth market
     Whole-of-chain acquisition; reduced cost of goods and no royalties on évolis®
     Global rights including China with recently granted import permits
     Boosts Cellmid’s product development expertise to facilitate the midkine hair
    growth program
    SYDNEY, Wednesday, 8 May 2013: Cellmid Limited (ASX: CDY) is pleased to advise that it
    will acquire Advangen Inc., Japan (Advangen), the company that owns the FGF-5
    inhibitor hair growth technology. This is a highly strategic acquisition that will
    significantly increase Cellmid’s revenues in the short to medium term.

    Shares are up massively on the deal.

    I'm certainly a happy holder, and it looks much less like a specie, and more like a decent investment the more you look.

    Death and hair growth - right up there with the best investments.

    All I need is to find a company that does tattoo removals...
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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Another good movement on volume today after having filled the recent gap.

    A newsletter from the company is out which details its plans for growth and earnings into the future.

    It all looks pretty good to me.
    Up the Rats!!!!

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Maris Halasz (CEO) is presenting to brokers/investors (as is CEO of POH) at Occidental Hotel in Sydney CBD on Tuesday. Appears anyone is welcome to attend and they put on drinks afterwards, RSVP email address is mattheww@monsoon.com.au if anyone is interested

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    There has been quite a bit of increased volume in the past week and a few days ago a broker report was released on the company's website valuing CDY at 8.4c (current SP 3.4c).

    Lots coming up in the pipeline including animals trials on their midkine IP, which will hopefully proceed to clinical trials. They also have a good cash position ($4m Dec 13)

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    This stocks starting to heat up.

    I'm liking the chart, record cash last reported and expecting some serious near term revenues.

    Apparently EAS Advisors are managing their USA launch. Does anyone know anything about this group?

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Yes. EAS advisors were involved with AJX and YOW.
    Cellmid is launching Evolis through Colour Collective in the US following on from great sales results in Japan.

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    Pacific Edge uses a midkine marker from Cellmid in their cxbladder tests.
    Today it was announced that a large private insurance provider in NZ had approved these tests for payment.

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    Default Re: CDY - Cellmid Limited

    Royalties accrue to CDY from all cxbladder tests utilised in case that last post wasnt clear.

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