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    Post AII - Abra Mining

    Know nothing of this one but interesting activity, one to watch possibly.
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    Abra is a zinc explorer to keep on your radar, mark my words!

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    Quote Originally Posted by itchy
    Abra is a zinc explorer to keep on your radar, mark my words!
    Actually its got a huge lead deposit out in W.A. and would have been an amazing company had their MD not tragically passed away in his sleep,

    The company has since been bumbling around for the last 9months+ do SFA
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    I wonder what the deal with these guys is today? Up 21% on the day as I type this up. I've posted a chart, not including today's movements. Maybe some news coming regarding diamonds?
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    Could be the ann on June 14th about the recommencement of drilling. Maybe they found something? Or could be due to the record-high lead prices (Abra's deposit is lead-rich).

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    The AII seems to have fallen out of everybodies radar over the last few months

    I post the latest chart for comment

    Would she still qualify for a Potential Preakout?

    Salute and Gods' speed
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    Well picked captain... AII moved up out of its narrow trading range today to finish just off its all time high.

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