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    Default Stock Lists - e.g. ASX 200?

    Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to finding different lists of stocks classified by size/industry etc.

    Particularly I'm looking for a list of the ASX200 companies, but more lists would be useful. Any links would be great!


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    Default Re: Stock Lists - eg ASX200


    to answer my own question I've found a fair few lists here


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    Default Re: Stock Lists - eg ASX200

    Hi Jay

    You can download tables of the companies that make up all the ASX indices by index/sector from the Standard and Poor's website

    Good luck and hope this helps



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    Default Re: Stock Lists - eg ASX200

    I posted the asx 200 lists for the last few years in "medium to long term system development" thread in amibroker format. These are current as at Nov 05 which probably wont take much editing- There should be 1 update since then. Should save amibroker users a bit of time.

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    Default Re: Stock Lists - eg ASX200

    go to http://www.metastocktools.com/

    scroll down to these and click on links required

    Unique ASX data
    ASX codes - text list of active & delisted ASX codes, company names & their GICS Industry Groups. Updated nightly.
    Adv/Dec data - historical Adv/Dec, Traders' Index, 52-week true Highs/Lows & other ASX market data. Updated nightly.
    GICS table - Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) table of Sectors, Industry Groups, Industries & Sub-Industries
    GICS data - download latest data files of ASX 20~500 group and 24 GICS Industry Group constituents. Updated nightly.
    ASX turnover - statistical data on average daily $ turnover for all currently active stocks in the ASX market

    .................. Pete

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    Smile Re: Stock Lists - eg ASX200

    Hi Jay,

    ..... lists of tradable stocks on ASX and NZX ..... :

    ASX and NZX stox .....

    happy dayz


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