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    Default GZL - Gazal Corporation

    There has only been one trade today which pushed the price up 20%.

    Time 2:36:55 PM
    Price ($) 3.000
    Volume 200
    Value ($) 600.000


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    5,428 shares traded today between $3.09 and $3.10

    I couldn't resist taking some profit although I bought this share for income. Sold some and put a buy order in. Will be interesting to see which way it goes from here.

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    I bought most of my shares back today at $2.60, which effectively means I got a "special" dividend last month of 10c a share (across my entire holding). yeah.

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    I could have sworn I got the tip for GZL from this forum and I came here to post a big thank you to the forum for the tip - only to find that I am the one that started this thread. GZL must have been a company I researched after it came up in a scan (probably based on yield). Bought at $1.95 and $2.00 on 06/03/12. Pushed the share price up 10% in doing so. 12.8% grossed up yield, 40% on paper capital gain. Yeah.

    Announcement today that they doing a JV with Calvin Klein.

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    This company is completely unfathomable to me, yet I continue to hold. Today's announcement was interesting not because of the sale of the discount/factory outlet business but because it revealed something about the strategy to retreat to wholesale around core brands.

    The truth is that I have very little time to look at the market these days so I have retreated somewhat towards "long term" holdings, yet this stock somehow is in my "let's see what happens" bag. The truth is, I bought for dividends, and the truth is that many of my more obscure dividend picks have turned out to be dividend traps.

    Let's see what happens.

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