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    Default The John Williamson Prophecy

    Hey, true blue
    Don't say you've gone
    Say you've knocked off for a smoko
    And you'll be back later on
    Hey, true blue

    Hey, true blue
    Give it to me straight, face to face
    Are you really disappearing
    Just another dying race
    Hey, true blue

    Hey, true blue
    Can you bear the load? Will you tie it up with wire
    Just to keep the show on the road?
    Hey, true blue

    Hey, true blue
    Now be fair dinkum, is your heart still there?
    If they sell us out like sponge cake, do you really care?
    Hey, true blue

    True blue, is it me and you?
    Is it mum and dad, is it a cockatoo?
    Is it standin' by your mate?
    When she's in a fight or just Vegemite
    True blue, I'm asking you

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    Default Re: The John Williamson Prophecy

    Ok, I'll bite!
    What has happened to John Williamson?

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