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    Default Class of 2007

    Who do these bush whackers from 2005 think they are having their own thread to talk about the 'good old days'?

    Time for the Class of 2007 to stand up!

    A lot has changed since I joined ASF. A mere whippet of a young man, being scared to post on the threads for fear of being thought a fool.
    Then I stopped and thought, people who know me think I am a fool, so what's the difference if those on ASF do too?

    Back then UGC was the darling for me, luckily I moved out of all positions before it fell in a heap. The hype around SDL was off the charts.

    What I thought I knew then, I would throw in the trash now. Strategy has changed, stock selection changed and ability to know when to take profits changed along the way as well.

    It has been a great ride, hope it continues and ASF keeps providing quality posts and feedback.
    "You have enemies? Good. That means that you've stood up for something, sometime in your life" - Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Class of 2007

    This is just to silly.
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    Default Re: Class of 2007

    LOL Springhill.

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    Default Re: Class of 2007

    Good on you Springhill. I had to look it up, but I'm 2007 also.

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