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    Default Racism in Pakistan

    This islamic rump nation has it's own form of torture and discrimination against it's internal foes.

    From the Independent UK

    Twenty-one policeman were lined up on a cricket pitch and shot dead by suspected Taliban militants in Pakistan late last night.

    Government officials said the killings happened in the north-west tribal region of Jabai. The men were kidnapped last Thursday after two security posts were attacked with rocket-propelled grenades. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the killing.

    Naveed Akbar Khan, a local government official, told the AFP news agency: "We found 21 bullet-riddled bodies of security personnel in an uninhabited area. One was wounded and admitted to hospital, while another managed to escape." Another official, Gul Shehzad, added: "The hands ... were tied with rope before they were shot."

    Earlier this year, Pakistan Taliban members released footage that seemed to show the severed heads of soldiers who had gone missing during a conflict in the Bajaur district.
    And that is what they do to males.

    The atrocities against females are a thousand times worse.

    Tribes fight tribes, race fight race.

    What a godforsaken part of the world.

    And their neighbours in India, of a similar ilk, who, divided from them only by religion, and an arbitrary border, are just as bad.

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    Default Re: Racism in Pakistan

    It's a bad region gg, but probably pipped by just about anywhere in Africa at the moment. I don't think humanity is getting worse though, it's just that it's in the news more. Too many humans on the planet fighting for resources now. Will just get worse over time IMHO.

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    Default Re: Racism in Pakistan

    Quote Originally Posted by kennas View Post
    Too many humans on the planet fighting for resources now. Will just get worse over time IMHO.
    Spot on there kennas.

    This is the cause of all the worlds problems, including those of Australia, Pakistan, India, China etc etc

    As well as the worlds worsening environment, weather, overheating etc etc.

    It will only get worse until the world tackles world population growth.

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