My contacts in Salisbury tell me that Robert Mugabe's health is not good, and that this weekend there has been a well concealed exacerbation of his tertiary syphilis, and that he is not long for this world.

He is one of the world's uglier and vicious despots.

This formerly rich country, now masquerading under the name Zimbabwe, and in famine since the name change, will be the better for it.

Mugabe's Shona are concerned again about the Matabele and have again approached the North Koreans to assist any uprisings after Bob's demise. This has been confirmed to me by a Pyongyang resident.

Emails from Matabeleland, Connemara and Bulawayo, tell me that the patriots of freedom will be more prepared this time, and that Mugabe's hangers on, fellow war criminals and family will be at particular risk on his death.